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We are currently hosting a message board and downloadable files for the convenience of the members of DIG: the DNA Interest Group of the
North San Diego County Genealogical Society.

This web site is open to DIG members and to interested parties.

Although anyone can download files, only registered members can post messages to the discussion board; this is necessary to control junk mail.

To register for access to the message board, go to the Login page and click on the "REGISTER" link, or click here to go directly to the registration page.

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Charles Robert Warthen, July 2012

Since this project is for the above surnames, we use nuclear DNA, or Y-DNA in our studies.

To take part in this study, you must take the Y-37 test; we recommend the Y-67 and the deep clade test so we can compare your haplotype and haplogroup with other participants. If you want to be less specific, please consider joining the FTDNA - surname group.

We use Family Tree DNA as our primary source for the study; interested parties must join our FTDNA Surname group. There we look at all DNA: mtDNA, Autosomal and Y-DNA to reinforce the paper trail to connect our individual trees. We also hope to break down walls by working together.

On this web site, we are open to any male or female (with the appropriate male to test) whose surname appears above for DNA study AND to anyone researching these names.

Click on the links to go to our GedView page or the Message Board page.

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Charles Robert Warthen, May 2011

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